psylexic object : quest

Burden-sharing sansfaux superstructure.

Psychological safe zone.


strugglebeast | beastruggle

uncoder superstruggle

strugglebeast | beastruggle meet strugglekeeper | strugglekeep

((thot thought) 100thoughts hundredthoughts

‎(((thot)(thot)))(((thought)(thought)))please let me keep (my) thought.please let me keep thoughtplease let me keepmyplease let memyplease letmyplease_. i go there + remember


powervul vulnerability. Person-second identity contextualization|contextualized “You identify with hir vulnerability.” felt attuned, understanding fews. I feel being inculcated early by narrative was integral directing feeling and whatis my force. A disturbing culcany, strugglement both ways feelforce, healfight, feelfight, helpwrite, helpright, strugglereal; struggless; strugglebeast; beastruggle; boost-in; thoughttime; 100thought: powervul hundredthought. inner context under construction under context: […]

Object Nonperfect :: No Object Nonperfect

context uniform thought experiment no context uniform thought experiment

No object is perfect. Nobody, Nobject (Noobject?), No one. Constructive capitalism meets constructive cognition. No apologizing for progress; nobody just knows; learning is a force to keep going; fight to heal; struggle real. No apology. None.

Disassembling Education

Out of Context Disassembling Education*

*Disassembling Education, Power and Fresh Young Minds

Should higher powers edit fresh young mind’s expressions?


Why what surface)s after seeing before in sight insofar.

::articulates psyface::

Transcendence Out Of Turn

Transcending identification encoding differential everywhere, why do we discriminate which humans deserve human rights? Emancipate human rights campaigns – in order of their appearance of acceptance and identification with greater meaning. Intercontextuality : Transcending identification, encode TBLG differently everywhere. Why do we discriminate which humans deserve human rights? Emancipate human rights campaigns – in order […]